Adding a Glass Shower Screen to the Bathroom

Embellish your bathroom with a dramatic glass shower screen. The screens are a lovely alternative to the shower curtain or the traditional glass shower doors. They come in a variety of styles, from simple and traditional to a sophisticated contemporary and can be easily customized to fit your functional design needs. Both practical and stylish, they bring a clean, fresh look to any bathroom.

Shower screens can be created to fit one’s personal shower and/or tub needs. The glass enclosures vary in many ideal styles, such as: single shower doors, in line shower enclosures, sliding bypass shower doors, barrier free shower enclosures, neo angled showers, and many more. A glass artisan will create the perfect fit for every home. Unlike traditional glass shower doors, a screen can be frameless which makes for very easy cleaning and allows unrestricted views of the shower/tub area and the ability to see the craftsmanship of the ceramic or glass tile.

There are many types of glass available for every style and design, including: frosted or obscured view, embossed, clear, tinted, or etched glass. With the versatility of glass one can be very creative and original and may even have an artist do a glass etching to enhance the eye appeal. The glass artisan will also be able to do custom work on the glass doors, so be sure to ask what their specialty is when calling for quotes.

Glass edge finishes also lend a creative element to the glass doors. They come in an array of alluring colors and glass. Door edges are available but not limited to: relief, beveled, flat polish, or pencil edge.

Whether you want a traditional look or a contemporary design, a glass shower screen will give you versatility and longevity. With their shatter resistant glass and clean design, one can be sure the investment will show with subtle sophistication and class.

Shower Screens Go Well With Pretty Much Any Bathroom Style And Design

Shower screens really are great for the purpose of building some sort of barrier from water in your shower while they don’t deter from all the style of any bathroom. Nearly all bathrooms necessitate some sort of shower curtain to actually hold water within the shower if they don’t come equipped with a sliding glass door. Usually the shower curtain is often the actual main focal point of any shower room considering that a great many usually are designed with bold colors and attention-grabbing patterns. Certainly not only can a particular shower curtain give a focal point for your very own bathroom, it may well possibly shift particular attention away from the various characteristics you have made use of to help generate the very specific design and style.

Amongst the many advantages of utilizing shower screens within your bathroom in preference to a shower curtain is without question the variety when it comes to design and style. They happen to be more or less completely made of glass along with your pick of clear or perhaps even obscured. Various companies that produce all of them tailor-make these in your shape as well as style you would like to ensure that it’s created only for your personal bathroom!

It is possible to likewise decide from all those screens which are framed, semi-frame-less or alternatively entirely frame-less. They’re readily available with surrounds in a variety of colors to help match up with your current decoration in case you choose to coordinate your main shower along with the rest of the bathroom. You can choose from shower screens which might be basically a clear glass box or perhaps you buy those along with the detailing that will make them the most appropriate match for your main bathroom!

In case you have a traditional style bathroom with a bath tub and shower in one window, the right clear glass screen will certainly help “open up” the bathroom and additionally allow for much more light than a shower curtain. Many screens are really practically invisible making sure that the actual light from the window is unobstructed and can shine through into your entire bathroom. Due to the fact the bathroom is definitely the room which is most likely not to have a sufficient quantity of light, this could make a tremendous difference in the actual way the bathroom feels. Making use of a new screen for your tub as well as shower can really brighten the room as well as make it all look newer.

Shower screens can also be perfect for compact bathrooms which have just the shower or possibly a separate shower away from the actual bathtub. To help create much more space, the right custom-built screen intended for the corner requires hardly any room and may well make the room appear larger just by continuing the line from the floor together with the walls past the shower screen.

While your shower screen will be able to coordinate with pretty much any design and style of bath room, it’s going to at the same time incorporate a wonderful highlight towards your room. Nothing is undoubtedly a great deal more enjoyable than the nice and clean, modern appearance of glass. The open design is both equally useful and also appealing to the eye. The solid glass design makes it simple and easy to clean off and the options for two-way doors make it more hassle-free for getting into and also getting out of the shower.

Fittings and hardware for shower screens are additionally available in various finishes making sure that you possibly can coordinate with the rest of the hardware within your bath room. For even great convenience, add in glass shelving that will actually enhance the style of solid glass. Regardless of what style bathroom you’ve got or maybe choose to design, there’s a shower screen that will make the ideal addition.

Simple to Beautiful Bathrooms With Glass Shower Screens

Taking a bath is a routine. But frequently, the shower room or the bathroom is taken for granted. It shouldn’t be enough that it’s clean and ready for another day of use. Glass shower screens can offer you a wide range of designs that will give your boring private place a modern touch.

The usual bathroom is a combined place for toilet and bath which is a common site in most homes. But that usual place can become an amazing haven for bathing leisure if you just use some of your creative imagination. If you consider your house as your sanctuary, don’t miss out on details. If you are fond of decorating your home, don’t miss out the unseen. Your bathroom is one place you might be neglecting. It needs pampering too so why not think about transforming it into a much more relaxing room by adding fixtures suited to your bathing needs.

So what to choose as a shower screen?

Try to check out home magazines focusing on bathroom renovations. You can also check online for houses with beautiful bathrooms by just adding fixtures to make it look from simple to luxurious. Shower heads, bath tubs, toilets, faucets, and all other bathroom fixtures will make a simple bathroom grand. You just have to choose the right products; the right things to install that will suit the interior of your bathroom and your personality. This is the start of the whole concept of transformation. The amount to be spent will depend on how small or big the area is and if it will be just renovation or a reconstruction.

What more?

Bathroom enclosures can separate your toilet and bath in a stunning way. No matter how big your shower area is, adding a shower door made of glass can make the space look airy and elegant. There are shower doors to choose from that will perfectly fit your space. For small bathrooms the ideal enclosure would be a frameless shower door that can either slide to and fro. Sliding shower doors are sleek and space saver. For big bath areas, a framed enclosure would be recommended especially if you have a bath tub, a shower area and toilet all in one room. There is also a wide array of designs to choose from.

What are the other advantages?

Customized glass shower enclosures have other advantages aside from keeping the other parts of the bathroom dry. First, it is easy to clean. No need for special rituals or chemicals. This means easy maintenance. Second, it illuminates light; therefore it gives the room a spacious look. So if you are thinking of renovating your house do not leave your bathroom behind the scene. Shower enclosures can add value to a once ordinary room to make it look beautiful the way it should be. Talk to a professional installer about your plans to make sure everything will go as you wanted. To give more value to your money, talk to people who know the ins and outs of the business to get good service as well as quality glass shower screens that you can choose from.

Shower Screen Installers to Know the Latest Bathroom Trends and Styling Approaches

Shower screen installers offer bespoke services and even products for your bath be it straight line, L-shape, wall to wall, corner entry, shape, curve, pentagon or round shape. Nowadays, frameless shower screens are well recommended by these experts. You may not want to be on the tail end of this specific development and unaware of the cutting edge bathroom trends and styling approaches. Find out the reasons behind frameless shower screens’ popularity.

Most of the new screens made from glass materials are deemed to be more visually appealing. They are fit to use especially if you have a space challenged bathroom space. Glass gives the illusion of space hence provide more visual open space without the necessity of frames. The invisible lines help make any shower cubicle truly feel even larger than it actually is. Don’t settle for the ordinary just because it is just a bathroom space. Give your very own private space an up to date d├ęcor touch which many people are seeking. Make it a place that is perfect for your “ME” time.

With glass materials you can find practically almost endless styling options that are ready-made or custom designed for the purpose of enhancing almost any type and size of bathroom space. If you are looking to change your bathroom’s old sliding door, choose well-skilled shower screen installers to ensure good fit and proper installation to ensure safety. These types of shower enclosures are very similar to regular shower doors, but this new style is equipped with retractable screens which are of course made from glass. With this new style, you can very well maximize your space as glass materials are not bulky at all and will not take too much space.

Old-fashioned sliding doors are bulky plus they take a lot of time to clean especially the frames where soap scum accumulate and harden all around edges and beneath the frame. With the busy lifestyles that many homeowners have these days, frameless screens are the perfect choice because they don’t have issues like the old style shower doors. Waste no time and replace your shower screens and say goodbye to pesky door frames that can easily rust.

Glass shower screens help with energy conservation as well. The material let the natural light in, enabling you to cut back on the actual need for artificial lighting. This is one of the many reasons why more and more people prefer glass for their home building and redecoration projects. Smart homeowners go for frameless shower screens, so if you want to install this type of enclosure to your bathroom, keep in mind to choose professional shower screen installers. They know that it is not all about the style and design of shower screens but picking the best type to ensure that the bathroom space achieve the desired effect.