Glass Traps for the Unwary – Shower Screens

The expansion in the production capabilities of glass companies since the late nineties allowed the development of ways to use glass that had not previously even been considered.

Since then small and medium sized regional glass companies had the machinery to polish, bevel, laminate, toughen and expand. With many more people experimenting and developing new ways to use glass, designers were encouraged to push their imagination.

At a domestic level, it meant access to glass kitchen splashbacks that could surround a range hood, glass balustrades, glass pool fences and “frameless” glass shower screens.

As demand took off and these products became standard in new homes and renovations, it opened up the opportunity for others to get a piece of the action by importing ready-made product.

Shower screens and pool fences seemed to fit the bill perfectly. All an importer had to do was buy up container loads of standard sizes and they were in the glass business. This produced a flurry of new companies that could sell a shower screen for less than half the quoted price from the local glass company.

The obvious benefit for consumers was the lowering of prices but this comes at a cost. The saying about things looking too good to be true applies, as does the one about “you get what you pay for”. Now you can buy your shower screen on the net without even having seen a glass expert. After all, why do you need an expert in glass when you can buy what you need with the instructions? How hard can it be?

If the internet is not your style now you can walk into any big name hardware store and walk out with a frameless shower screen for you to install immediately. What could go wrong?

Here are a couple of possibilities

  1. Floors and walls are never plum and a sloping floor is essential.
  2. Gaps and cut outs that the standard sizes won’t cover
  3. “Stainless” fittings that rust
  4. The difficulty of getting help from a local glass company
  5. The absence of a knowledgeable person to ensure that what is constructed meets the Safety Standards (special rules for bathrooms)
  6. The lack of replacement parts

As the push for ever cheaper product continues you will struggle to find a glass company on the first few pages of most search engines. Almost all will be importers but if you do drill down to find a glass company they will almost certainly supply glass that is certified to meet the Standards. Their whole business hangs on it, not just the shower screen.

Many people in the glass business has a humorous story to tell of the hopeful phone calls from frustrated consumers asking for help to fit the shower screen they bought on the internet. There is at one very good reason why a glass company would be reluctant to help. Once they get involved, under their license requirements they become liable for the consequences. If later, someone is injured due to poor quality product or a failed fitting they understandably do not want to be involved. You’re on your own.

Another point to ponder is the likelihood of spontaneous disintegration by nickel sulphide infusion. This occurs in some toughened (tempered) glass products when a microscopic particle of the mineral nickel is flaked off stainless steel machinery and lands in the molten glass at production. In some cases this can result in the glass exploding months or years later and while it is rare, the chances of it happening are less when driving down the price of production is not the main motivation of the manufacturer.

This does not necessarily mean that the shower screen you buy at the hardware store will not do the job safely but the result often matches the price tag.

DIY Tips on Installing a Glass Shower

A frameless glass shower is famous for its beautiful design and easy maintenance. Many years ago, showers were mainly installed with ugly and big frames. Time is changing however and the trend is to not only have a practical shower but also a well-designed piece of installation.

You can go either with semi-frameless or fully frameless glass (if we forget about any old school shower screens). The semi frameless glass has thin frame that runs along the top or bottom of the glass and it is holding the panels in place. The frames are usually small and not really noticeable. The frameless glass on the other hand runs entirely without frames and has only little brackets which are attached to the walls. This article will give you some tips of how to install a frameless shower screen. It is only a basic overview of the steps and does not guarantee that you are able to install a shower. I encourage you to seek a professional for such a job when you have no trade experience. Ready? Go!

The first job is to get an exact measurement of the shower, so that the right glass can be ordered. Every shower is different and getting an accurate measurement is a crucial step. Measurements should be performed by an experienced professional as it can cost thousands of dollars if done wrong. This process is not easy as it is not just about getting the right height and width of the shower but also to consider other parameters such as flexures, angles or alignment. Also the position of the door and the general functionality of the shower have to be considered.

The next step is now to order the glass from a professional glass manufacturer. The drawings have to be clear and show not only the dimensions of the glass but also possible holes (eg for the handles), the openings for the hinges or certain angles in the glass. A standard size for glass is 12 mm. Once again, the glass will be cut according to your measurements and if not done properly the glass can’t be used and it is very unlikely to get a refund. A standard delivery time of glass is about one week but may vary depending on the region or the amount of glass ordered.

Once the glass is delivered it is time to actually install the shower. If you are replacing an old shower you have to unscrew or unhook the old frames and if there is silicone, cut it with an appropriate knife. It is not advisable to just pull out the old shower as you can tear out the tiles. Tiles are in general easy to damage. Use a razor blade and polish if needed to clean the surface. The preparation is like at any other renovating job important and should be taken seriously. Putting the glass panels in place is tricky and only appropriate equipment should be used. The corners are extremely sensitive and the glass will break if it hits on bare concrete. Adjust the panels and the door so that they match and fix them temporarily with tape or anything else that would work. When the door is in place, mark the holes for the hinges and drill them accordingly. Hang the door and glue the fixed panels with silicone. Clean up the silicone and allow the shower to dry for about 24 hours.

Installing a shower is a difficult job and it is highly recommended to use a professional if you are not skilled enough. As mentioned above any mistake can cost thousands of dollars, so it is safer to go with a company as they would cope for any mistakes they make.

Discover The Great Things About The Shower Screen In Your Bathroom

It’s a private area. A spot of solitude and relaxed, a place where you can allow the anxiety of the day wash away literally from you. The bathroom is more than just a room for doing your daily grooming practices. When attired in the perfect way, it can be a relaxing area and a cause to boost up your property’s value. So you’ll need to make the best choices with regards to your furnishings and tiles if you’re constructing or remodeling the area. Another thing to consider is including shower screens. Developers are discovering that incorporating this feature gives several advantages other than peace and improved property worth.

From a design viewpoint, this feature could look much better in your bathroom compared to customary shower curtain. Installing clear glass screens can create the illusion of space in a smaller bathroom. If the bathroom area is so small that the shower is above a bath tub, a clear glass screen in the shower that slips out can provide you with the option of showering with the screen or bathing without the screen.

If you’re looking for something a bit more attractive than the minimalist look of clear glass, you can select frosted or colored screens which are ideal for those personal, steamy shower periods. Contemporary glass screens also come laminated in colourful arty designs and stickers of inventive illustrations like florals and abstract designs. The design you select will naturally depend on the overall style of your bathroom.

Apart from the design advantage of a shower screen, the trendy accessory for your bathroom creates functional advantages too. For one, it can secure the water in your shower area keeping your entire bathroom dry. This is particularly important for bathrooms that have little ventilation and for families with kids who have fun with splashing about in the shower. Wet areas can make a several troubles such as the invasion of termites. Using a screen installed in your bathroom can keep the area free from going wet for long time.

To guarantee the durability of your shower screen, get in touch with an expert to set up. A professional installer guarantees that you’ll be capable to use the bathroom feature for as a number of years as possible. The installer will evaluate your bathroom and find out which parts are necessary to make sure that it suits just right without making any spaces for the water to slip out.

A shower screen may appear basic enough but it gives a number of benefits. It improves the style aspect of your bathroom. It creates little spaces seem spacious. It maintains what is often a wet room, dry and resistant to any damage due to wetness. So complete the design and feel of your bathroom. Have an expert to install a shower screen now.

Frameless Shower Screens Provide You With Imaginative Design and Style

Shower screens are an ideal way to stop water from splashing to your floor while you shower and additionally they also help to make some sort of striking fashion statement. While offered in frame less, semi-frame less and also fully framed designs, the frame less is without a doubt oftentimes the selection for people who are interested in nice and clean lines together with clarity. The frame less screen has no framing at all. Actually, it’s kept in place using very special clamps or simply other sorts of hardware in order to really keep the very panels of glass together and also to position the screen onto the wall.

Frame less shower screens add some kind of elegant feel to virtually any shower room, no matter of the style and / or size. It really is a wonderful investment for your personal house because they practically never becomes outdated or even out of style. It doesn’t matter how you will decorate your own personal bathing room or whatever alterations you actually make to the actual fixtures, there certainly is absolutely nothing within the frame less shower which will collide along with your new style and design.

For those who choose to decide to buy a good frame less shower screen for your very own shower room, you’ve got 2 standard alternatives. You can either invest in among the many various designs that happen to be available that you can buy or maybe you may have one custom-made to your personal requirements. They are made of toughened or safety glass with many different thicknesses, normally from 6 mm to 12 mm. Most frequently, 10 millimeters or 12mm is being used intended for the added strength.

Numerous people pick their shower screens in clear glass then again you can actually even get a hold of designs which will give some kind of obscurity consisting of frosted, tinted, or even slump glass. Your personal pick in glass need to always be primarily based to some degree on your individual liking together with the design and style of the actual bathroom. Small-scale bath rooms definitely will look bigger and oftentimes reflect significantly more light while using clear glass. It is also a good choice for those bath rooms which have a wonderful view from your bathtub to ensure that you can fully take pleasure from the surroundings while in your bath and / or shower!!

Tinted or frosted glass gives an elegance of its very own whilst adding additional privacy compared to a substantial, open shower area. Slag glass, on the other hand, is often made along with some color that can provide more variation to your screen on the other hand will likely take away some of the flexibility in changing your current bathroom’s design.

Despite the fact that a large number of people today rather have the clean look of frame less shower screens, these are generally one of the most highly priced option due to the fact they need specific fittings to install. For all those working on a tight budget, a suitable semi-frame less screen could perhaps surely be a much better alternative. While it still has no frames all-around the door or the different parts of glass, they certainly include frames all around the outer edges. Semi-frame less screens are getting a rather favorite alternative considering that they still provide you with much of the modern appearance to your bathing room that the frame less models do with out the cost.

Incorporating frame less shower screens during a redesign is really a good solution to give almost any bath room a more current, elegant appearance that you will get pleasure from for a very long time. Regardless of whether ready-made or perhaps custom-made, they are a terrific choice for virtually any style bath room of any size!